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Our Story

Our work began as Dreamers of UW-Madison, a registered student organization with the goal of advocating for both undocumented and DACAmented students pursuing higher education in Dane County.​ In 2020, our efforts expanded statewide in recognition of our work as a necessity across Wisconsin's entire undocumented community. Dreamers of Wisconsin is now the first education-focused nonprofit organization serving the undocumented community in the state of Wisconsin.

Today, Dreamers of UW-Madison is a student-led chapter within the Dreamers of Wisconsin non-profit organization. 

If you are interested in starting a  Dreamers student chapter at your College/University click below to learn more.


Dreamers of Wisconsin is the first non-profit organization in Wisconsin whose mission is to advocate for and support undocumented (DACA/TPS/etc) students pursuing higher education. As an education-focused non-profit organization, we work with with undocumented/DACAmented students  to navigate and transition into higher education. 


​We are committed to creating equitable opportunities and providing a space where undocumented student voices are centered. We believe in taking a holistic and individualized approach to ensure student success in recognition of the unique barriers faced by the undocumented community. 

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