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University of Wisconsin-Madison


Under current state law, UW-Madison does not have the authority to grant resident tuition status to undocumented or DACAmented students. Students are not considered state residents and are therefore charged out-of-state tuition.

Tuition: $38,634.00

Total Cost of Attendance: $55,640.00

Financial Aid

Students without access to federal financial aid interested in applying for need-based scholarships may request an individualized assessment through the Office of Student Financial Aid by contacting Martina Diaz at (608) 262-4448 or Joselyn Diaz-Valdes at (608) 262-6885.

Scholarships: Dreamers of Wisconsin, Centro Hispano's Becas Program

More Information

Dreamers of UW-Madison

Dreamers of UW-Madison is a student-led chapter under the Dreamers of Wisconsin non-profit organization. The student org addresses undocumented issues on campus through educational workshops, general body meetings and outreach events, and fundraising.

As a chapter, their fundraising efforts will also go towards helping build the Dreamers of Wisconsin Scholarship Fund. 

"The Legacy Scholarship," a tribute to the founders of our student organization, will be a scholarship awarded yearly by the Dreamer of UW-Madison Chapter. 


Tristin Bautista

Dreamers of UW-Madison Advisor

In addition to their executive board position, Tristin serves as the advisor for the UW-Madison chapter of Dreamers of Wisconsin. With this role, Tristin is responsible for advising chapter operations and overseeing organizational growth.

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