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Cristhabel Martinez

Executive Director 

Cristhabel Martinez, Executive Director of Dreamers of Wisconsin, has led the organization on an extraordinary journey of change. She transformed a student organization at the University of Wisconsin-Madison to a statewide organization advocating and providing resources for undocumented students in Wisconsin pursuing higher education. Cristhabel has managed to develop and perform a never-before seen network between student and community leaders across the state to push for policy change for undocumented students in Wisconsin. Throughout Cristhabel’s involvement in the student-led Dreamers of UW-Madison, she has served as the Public Relations Chair, Vice President & President. Now as Executive Director of Dreamers of Wisconsin, Cristhabel is responsible for carrying out organizational decisions, managing the overall operations of the organization, and serving as the main point of communication between board members and collaborators. For Cristhabel, Dreamers of Wisconsin is not only a beacon of hope for the future, but long overdue organized support that is needed in Wisconsin to support undocumented students in Wisconsin.


Diana Peña-Moreno

Director of Operations 


Diana Peña-Moreno, Director of Operations of Dreamers of Wisconsin, is responsible for overseeing ongoing operations within the organization. Diana graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison majoring in Information Systems and Management & Human Resources with a certificate in Game Design. A DC Posse Scholar, she grew up in a diverse environment with many immigrants, including her Honduran parents. As such, having the opportunity to support the undocumented community is very important and dear to Diana's heart. Diana says, “Too many barriers exist for undocumented students to attend college, so being able to bridge that gap was why I joined DREAMers.”

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Alondra Avitia

Marketing Director 

Alondra Avitia, Marketing Director, is responsible for planning, development and implementation of all of the organization's marketing strategies, marketing communications, and public relations activities, both external and internal. Alondra graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison where she majored in International Studies, Political Science, and Latin American, Iberian, and Caribbean Studies with a certificate in European Studies. During her undergraduate career, Alondra worked diligently on creating a move inclusive environment for Latinx students at UW through initiating the very first Latinx Cultural Center, re-establishing the Latinx Student Union, and serving as the co-chair for Latinx Heritage Month.  “Accessing higher education is just one of the many barriers that undocumented folks face. Our fight doesn’t end until every undocumented student has fair and just access to education with additional resources and support.”


Tristin Bautista

Director of Communication 

Tristin Bautista, Director of Communication for Dreamers of Wisconsin, is responsible for coordinating Dreamers of Wisconsin's events, in addition to outreach and communication across Wisconsin Colleges and Universities. Tristin is a senior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison majoring in Spanish and Sociology with certificates in Chicanx and Latinx Studies, as well as Gender and Women's Studies. Tristin joined Dreamers his sophomore year looking for a student organization that was rooted in advocacy, community, and social justice. As the eldest child of an Indigenous Mexican immigrant, he has been hyper-aware of issues regarding citizenship, class, and race from a young age. He believes that it is imperative that as children of undocumented immigrants, we must not use our parents' status to co-opt an experience or identity that is not ours. Instead, our role in the community is to uplift and protect undocumented voices by showing up when it counts for each and every individual. Tristin says, “Immigration and citizenship are Black issues, Southeast Asian issues, Central American issues, Indigenous issues; therefore our activism must extend accordingly.”

High School Program Committee

Anne Knezevic

Antonella Pappolla 

Claudia Triana

Keydi Osorio 

Julian Morales Grande 

Mikaela Hagen 

Silvia Gomez de Soriano

College Program Committee

Angelica Contreras 

Jazmine Zuniga Paiz 

Tristin Bautista

Mentorship Program Committee

Anthony Hernadez 

Alondra Quechol 

Diego Roman 

Cynthia Baeza

Karen Perez Wilson 

Mental Health Program Committee

Amanda Arteaga

Ariana Sparling 

Emily Mendoza

Giselle Garduno-Nunez

Sofia Ann Buitron Drotts

Internship Program Committee

Alondra Avitia Lechuga 

Diana Pena-Moreno

Advocacy and Policy Committee

Alexander Hopp 

Nicole Contreras Garcia

Fundraising and Events Committee

Alma Sida Ontiveros 

Nancy Cruz

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