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The Dreamers Writing Center aims to reduce academic barriers experienced by undocumented, DACAmented, and TPS holding students. Offering free culturally-competent editing services, our writing fellows are happy to help with any stage in the writing process. Always confidential, our service is available to help with any project, no matter how big or how small.

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Dr. Norma Jimenez Hernandez

Writing Fellow

Dr. Norma Jimenez Hernandez is the proud daughter of Mexican immigrants, first-generation college graduate, and Psychology professor. She has been advising students on college admissions and college essay writing for 20+ years.

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Sam Hopp

Writing Fellow

Sam Hopp is a lifelong Wisconsin resident and recent college graduate, completing his BA in Management at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. When he isn’t playing tennis or critiquing a film, Sam uses his 5+ years of editing experience to help edit works intended for publication, graduate-level applications, and creative writing. He is also comfortable working with admissions and scholarship essays of any type!

Amanda Rose Pratt.jpeg

Amanda Rose Pratt

Writing Fellow

Amanda Rose Pratt is a first-generation college student from rural Western New York who currently lives on the north side of Madison with her partner and toddler. She is a Ph.D. Candidate in English with a concentration in Composition and Rhetoric and a minor in Science and Technology Studies at UW-Madison who has worked in the Writing Center at UW for four years. Her dissertation research seeks to understand the ways in which psychedelic experiences impact the development and sustenance of health ideologies and health literacy practices. She loves seeing live music of all kinds, being outside, and loves her guilty pleasure: watching competition-based reality shows. She is happy to help with all kinds of genres, but some of my favorites are definitely personal essays, cover letters, and application essays of all kinds!

Anthony Hernandez.jpeg

Anthony Hernandez

Writing Fellow

Anthony Hernandez is a first-generation college student who has spent most of his career working in Latinx communities along the Southwest United States border, from South Texas to Los Angeles. He has 20+ years of experience advising students on college admissions and application essay writing!

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Jason Rocha

Writing Fellow

Jason Rocha is a classically trained teacher of writing and influence with 8+ years of designing, writing, and shaping creative, instructional, tutorial, and professional text. He is formally educated on the frameworks, strategies, and tactics of effective communication and influence, and is familiar with voice, tone, and identity concepts necessary for crafting compelling narratives, stimulating text, and effective calls-to-action. He is ready to help students with resumes, cover letters, job-search tactics and best practices, interview tactics, and best practices (phone and in-person).

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Alex Hopp

Writing Fellow

Alex Hopp is a life-long resident of the state, born and raised on the shores of Lake Michigan in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. After graduating from UW-Madison with a BA in History and MA in Southeast Asian Studies, he enrolled in the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, where he is currently pursuing a PhD in History. With nearly a decade of experience as a Writing Fellow, Alex enjoys working on graduate school applications, resumes, and CVs, in addition to scholarship and admission applications of any sort.

Virginia Schwarz.jpeg

Virginia Schwarz

Writing Fellow

Virginia "Gin" Schwarz is from San Diego, California. She moved to Madison, Wisconsin in 2014 to continue her dream of becoming an English professor. In the next year, she plans to move to San Francisco, California to be closer to my family and teach in person at San Francisco State University. When she isn’t working, she enjoys watching football and basketball on TV, and taking naps with her cat, Mr. Zucchini Ralphie. She is most comfortable doing college admissions essays, scholarship essays, and graduate school essays. She enjoys working with folks at any stage--from brainstorming to final draft. As a person with writing anxiety, she gets the need to just talk things out and be vulnerable with unfinished ideas, so she is happy to think through things with writers via email draft, phone, or Zoom.

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Ashley Kim Duffey

Writing Fellow

Ashley Duffey is a PhD student in Art History at the University of Minnesota. She began her graduate education after working as an admissions officer at her undergraduate alma mater where she had also worked in academic administration as a Student Assistant Director for the Honors Program. Throughout her undergrad, her admissions work, and her time as a graduate teaching assistant, she has been driven by a passion for students' writing. She believes that everyone has different strengths in writing and her approach is to help students develop their own voice and style to be applied across different types of writing. She is especially passionate about serving BIPOC students; navigating academia as a person of a marginalized identity has been a challenge, and she cares deeply about being a safe space/person for others doing the same. She can't wait to read your writing and to work together!

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Tula Editing Services Partnership

Tula Editing Services is a team of Black and Brown women dedicated to serving our communities by offering low to no-cost editing services. Using the skills honed over academic and professional careers, Tula Editing Services hopes to help close some of the achievement gaps present in higher education and beyond. From editing blogs and resumes to fine-tuning college applications, papers and more, they are here to help. 

With services aimed primarily at Black, Brown, Indigenous, and undocumented communities, Tula is collaborating with the Dreamers Writing Center, offering services free of charge to students referred from Dreamers. Visit their website to learn more. 

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